Enduro Park

Make life a ride.

We are a BMW Motorrad certified team of instructors and tourguides that are here to take you on your next adventure.


The team delivered what they advertise and a whole lot more. My expectations were delivered in full. I started spreading the word about the course on the ride home – talking to a group of riders at Tim’s in Mount Forest.

London, Ontario

There was a Camry turning left onto the Hwy, talking on her cell phone, she pulled out 20 feet in front of me! I performed the “brake & escape” and was just able to get around the rear of her vehicle, then did a slow race to the other side of the bridge in total control. She of course was still on her cell phone merging in traffic on the highway.

Victoria, BC

Your course received the ultimate compliment. On my way home  from your course I was driving through Parksville on 4 lane traffic at 50 kph when suddenly, a car shoots backwards out of the entrance to the A&W and stops in my lane only 30 feet in front of me! The car in the left lane beside me hammers the brakes – I emerg stop and deak through the opening between the bumper of ‘backwards buddy’ and the car stopped in the left lane beside me.

The most satisfied customer