Frequently Asked Questions

Course starts at 9am and runs to 4pm daily ( most courses are Saturday & Sunday).  Riders show up a bit earlier to get themselves ready, sign paperwork for waivers, rentals, etc.

This course is the BMW Off-Road Training program curriculum - Owner / Lead Instructor Ryan Austin is a certified BMW Off-Road Instructor.

Yes, the course progresses through a series of learning drills to focus on specific skills riders need off-road.  Bike set-up, Picking up a bike, Off-Road body position, Clutch / Throttle control off-road, low-speed handling skills, bike and body balance, body and peg weighting, Enduro turns, Off-Road Braking, Hill stops and recovery on hills, short hills climbs and descents, longer hill climbs and descents, trail riding, Bridge & Creek crossing, Crossing obstacles such as logs and rocks, Teeter Totter teaching balance and in various sections we have riding practice where riders get some free time to practice the skills and sections we have work on up to that point in the course. 

Classes vary in size, but we maintain a 1 Instructor to 5 Student ratio.  Most classes are between 8-10 riders and we would have 2-4 Instructors.

We break for lunch, and this is the rider’s responsibility.  You can bring lunch or go out to a spot like Tim Hortons, Subway, etc, that are about 8 minutes away.

Food- you need to bring your own food or go and pick something up for lunch. We are located about 8 minutes from Mill Bay where there is a Tims, Subway, McDonalds, Thriftys, etc

We provide bottled Water and Gatorade during the entire course.

Yes, the rental bikes are all BMW, and all have seat height adjustment.  We also have a couple of low-seat bikes available upon request. 

Bikes this season are BMW F750GS, F850GS & R1250GS

You are welcome to call as well if you would like to talk. Depending on where I am you may need to leave a message and I will call you back.    Ryan - (250) 415-1120

At Enduro Park Canada's location - 700 Holker Place, Victoria, British Columbia.

100% refund for if we are forced to cancel the course due to Covid restrictions changes

15-30 days before course - 50% refund

Less than 15 days - No refund.  We do try to accommodate last minute changes, if possible, by moving riders to a future course date.0